What’s the difference between magnetic eyeliner and gel eyeliner?

What’s the difference between magnetic eyeliner and gel eyeliner?

What’s the difference between magnetic eyeliner and gel eyeliner?

No matter what type of beauty products or services you sell as an eyelash artist, salon owner, or product specialist for a cosmetic supply shop, you have undoubtedly heard about two hot new eyeliner kits: the magnetic eyeliner kit and the eyeliner glue pen kit.

For many buyers, the main difference between the two types of kits comes down to whether they have magnetic powders in them or not. While this does differ from the magnetic eyeliner to the eyeliner glue pen options, it is not the only difference from one to the other.

You can find different kits that offer a wide variety of how they perform and match with other products. Since these characteristics change how your client experiences them, it makes sense to learn all you can about what is available. Then, you can choose the kits that suit your business needs best of all.

What’s the difference between magnetic eyeliner and gel eyeliner?

Heavy or Light Eyelash Options

Eyeliner glue pens and magnetic eyeliner are manufactured differently. Therefore, the line you get differs greatly when using the product. With the first, you rely on the glue to attach the false lashes to. These act just like regular false eyelashes with a soft stem and lightweight feel. The person wearing this type of product can enjoy a lighter and more comfortable feeling without excess pressure or heaviness.

Magnetic eyeliner glue actually contains four or five tiny magnets that provide the force to attach the eyelashes with. Many people choose this because it attaches the eyelashes more firmly. However, the methods themselves add weight and bulk to a small degree. You may find some clients or buyers do not want this heavy or oppressive feeling. They are not the best options for women with sensitive eyes or delicate skin. In some cases, the magnetic eyeliner rubs against the base of the natural lashes and causes irritation.

3PCS Magnetic Eyeliner

3PCS Magnetic Eyeliner

One Favorite Style or Multiple Options

You may have one favorite type of false eyelashes that you use every time you apply them. Many clients at your beauty salon or cosmetic shop may have the same habits. Others prefer to switch things up from time to time and use a variety of different sizes, styles, weights, and more. These preferences can help you decide between a magnetic eyeliner kit or an eyeliner glue pen.

A magnetic eyeliner kit works wonderfully for a single type of faux lashes. Since these are attached to the lash products themselves, you have limited possibilities with each kit. You get amazingly beautiful results but fewer options. The magnets must match up, which makes it impossible to use ordinary lashes or even a different brand with the magnetic eyeliner from the kit. Eyeliner glue pens on the other hand offer many more options because they work with a variety of lash types. They may come with a unique style in the kit itself, but you can also use the same glue for ones you buy elsewhere.

What’s the difference between magnetic eyeliner and gel eyeliner?

Is the Eyelash Kit Really Waterproof?

Beauty product marketers use the term “waterproof” to attract attention and make more sales. It does not necessarily mean that the faux eyelashes will stand up to every single water condition. Instead, it indicates performance and staying power in different situations that involve rain, splashing at the pool or beach, sweating in the hot summer, or even crying. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, you definitely do not want your lashes to fall off.

Colorful Eyeliner Glue Pen

Colorful Eyeliner Glue Pen

When it comes to waterproof eyelashes, the eyeliner glue pen outperforms magnetic eyeliner kits considerably. The magnetic powder included in the second type affects the material properties of the glue and makes it less resistant to water. In the summertime or if you go swimming regularly, and eyeliner glue pen to be the best option for you. Also, recommend it to your clients who will be happy with their choice.

It can be difficult to decide between a magnetic eyeliner kit and in eyeliner glue pen kit if you only pay attention to the magnetic powder characteristics. The differences explained above give you a fuller understanding of how these two sought after beauty products work for individual people. Whether you are simply shopping for yourself or want a new product to carry your salon or shop, contact us for more information and a quick price quote.

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