What are our best-selling 25mm eyelashes?

What are Our Best-Selling 25mm Eyelashes?


This series of mink eyelashes is mainly aimed at the purchase needs of middle-level customers, because our mink lashes are all made in the high-end market, so the price of 25mm mink eyelash is higher than the average supplier. Many customers will give up after seeing the price. We didn’t try our eyelashes, which made us sad.
So we found the best solution, which is to innovate a batch of 25mm eyelashes suitable for more people, the price is right, the style is novel, the product quality is the best.

So now our eyelashes have already started to sell
If you want to buy, please pay more attention to our website updates, and the release of information.

We have not only updated the eyelashes, but even the box has the latest rules.

We have a minimum order quantity of 30pcs, and we can add a logo for you. You can finish delivery within 3-5 days. You don’t have to worry about custom packaging boxes but need a lot of purchases. We will not have such a situation at all. You want to decide how much we can do for you, so dear, we have been constantly updating, more in line with what customers think, what are you still hesitating, hurry to order,

Shalimar Lashes will give you the best service, the best eyelash products and the best packaging products, we will be your best choice. If you are a new customer in the eyelash business, please feel free to contact us. Many of our customers are just starting the eyelash business. They are very successful now, and have their own customers. If you want to know more, Feel free to contact us and we will give you the best advice and help as your best and most loyal eyelash vendor.


If you want to start a successful eyelash business, choose us!!!

You want to get more profit, choose us!!!

so let’s do it  ! 


These are Our Eyelash Catalogs and You Can Click Here

25mm Siberian Mink Lashes

20mm Siberian Mink Lashes

3D Siberian Mink Lashes

22 Siberian Mink Lashes


Why Can We Receive Your Eyelash Order Can Be Shipped Immediately?

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Attention Please! !!These Eyelash Packaging Are Currently the Best Sellers!

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  1. Hi , I’m looking for a lash vendor, what’s your whole sale price for bulk 25-100 lashes ?

    1. Hello Dear My name is Lissa
      and we just launched a lot of best selling eyelash styles and packaging

      Thank you for contact with us We are a great quality mink lashes vendor and Eyelash Packaging, tweezers, glue manufacturer

      Could you add my Whats App +86 15552226038, we will make a big discount for your Order ! I am waiting for you contact me now . Thank you !

      Also you can click here contact Whats App
      so that I can send you the videos of our TOP Seller catalogs

      and love please send your whatsapp number?so that I can reply you in time

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