Make Your Hair Extensions Last!

Once you have decided to invest in high quality hair extensions, it is important to actually take care of them the best way you can. Everyone wants to look good and when you take care of your extensions, they are bound to look great for a longer period of time. This will keep you from having to spend money buying weave every few weeks and leave a little extra change in your pocket for nails and makeup. Of course, the hair care results solely depend on the effort and the knowledge you have and put forth. With that being said, let’s get started:

Hair Extension Brush

Brush your Hair Extensions

This is one of the things that should be done regularly and with the correct tool. The brush should have soft bristles as it will be able to detangle hair and won’t damage it. Care and patience will go a long way in ensuring you achieve great success. Curly hair styles like our Kinky Curly & Deep Wave should be brushed less often but more carefully. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers. Just like your own hair, work from the bottom up. Do not pull too hard on your hair since this may cause damage. Be especially careful once you are getting closer to the weft! Don’t expect a bunch of likes on your next Instagram photo with matted or tangled hair.

Wash the Hair Extensions

First, make sure you detangle your hair by brushing it before you start shampooing. Make sure you use high-quality shampoo and as you wash, do it slowly and gently and comb through it. When shampooing and rinsing, the motion has to be downward. If it starts to tangle, use a wide toothed comb and be gentle getting the knots out all the way down the hair. Many woman have had good results using Pantene Shampoo Products. If you have a shampoo recommendation leave it in the comments section below.

Woman Washing Hair

Conditioning your Hair Extensions

A leave in conditioner is a nice way to follow up your maintenance routine. Work the conditioner in with a wide tooth comb or use a conditioning spray. Continue to use a slow, downward motion when applying. The remaining tangles have to be brushed out and before you know it, it’s time to let the extension dry. Don’t use too many nourishing products all at once as the extensions can be over conditioned and this may lead to them looking limp and dull. We don’t know too many ladies that like the though of “limp and dull” for anything! Over conditioning will also increase the chances of getting the extensions dirty faster. Yuk!


Dry the Hair Extensions Naturally

According to the professionals, drying your extensions naturally is the best way to ensure they last long. Be careful when applying excessive heat to your hair extensions. Time management and planning are an important part of your hair care schedule. If you have to wash the extensions, wash it early so that you have enough time to dry it out in a natural way so that you won’t have to blow-dry it causing more harm than good. Keeping your hair looking good on a daily basis is key!

Blow Dryer

Blow Dry Carefully

Plan ahead! If you are going out last minute and need to wash & dry your extensions proceed with caution. Use the low heat setting on the blow dryer. Never use the excessive heat on your hair extensions because as said earlier, it could cause damage. Excessive heat will dry out your hair and shorten the lifespan.

Working on the Wefts

This is one area where you need to go really easy. You need to be careful on all areas but when the wefts are over stressed, degradation can occur. So as to help the wefts stay strong and remain good looking, they need to be treated with great care. This should be emphasized when you are styling or blow drying. Never clamp a flat iron over the wefts.

Hairfleek Silk Hair Extensions Bags

Safe Storage

Many of our customers will take out their extensions after a month or six weeks to change the style. You should store all hair extensions with a lot of love! Our #HAIRFLEEK silky bags are a fantastic way to store your hair. This is the only way you can be guaranteed that they will be in the best shape the next time you decide to use them again. Cleaning and detangling them should be done before storage. Also ensure they have dried out.

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