Quotes for Lashes

Quotes for Lashes

 Quotes for Lashes

Here are the catchiest lash slogans and taglines of all-time. These slogans are cute, unique and memorable.

Curtains for the Eyes
Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Little Lashes
Come Take a Lash Nap With Us
You May Not Be Perfect, But Your Lashes Will Be
Keep Your Standards High and Your Lashes Long

 Quotes for Lashes
Make Your Day Fabulash
We Will Make You a Lash-o-Holic
Great Lashes Don’t Happen By Accident
Live, Love, Lash
Making Your Brows Meow
Lash Out at Your Enemies
Lash Like a Boss

Quotes for Lashes
You Are a Blink Away from Lucious Lashes
Lash Luxury at Its Finest
We Make Men Get Whiplash
The Ultimate Lash
Flutter Butter
The Sweetest Eye Candy Around
Make Your Lashes Iconic

 Quotes for Lashes
Get Them to Bow Down and Kiss Your Lash
Making Hearts Sink with Every Wink
Lashes that Sing with Bling
Pure Lash Mastery
Punishing Men with Long Lashes
The Most Flawless Lashes Around
We Make Art Out of Lashes

Quotes for Lashes
The Power of the Wink
High-Quality Lash for Half the Cash
Making Your Brows Beautiful
The Most Envious Lashes in Town
A Purely Chic Lash Boutique
Lashes Make Everything Better

 Quotes for Lashes
A Wink is Worth a Thousand Words
Lash Day is the Best Day
A Blink Away from Great Lashes
All Lashed Up and Everywhere to Go
Your Lashes Will Speak Louder than Words
The Perfect Frosting for Your Eyes

Quotes for Lashes

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