3D Mink Lashes

3D   Mink   Lashes

Private Label Mink Lashes

Material:100% Real Mink Hair

MOQ : 1pairs ( can mix style )

Color: Natural  Black

Feature: 100% Brand new

Make your eyes look bright and attractive

For party and daily use

Can be removed by eye makeup remover

Simple to use and comfortable to wear

Match your causal and party makeup

Can be used many times if Shalimar mink lahses are used and removed properly

Best Qualityy

Style :    Hand made type  mink lashes

Length: 5-16mm

Use Time :Can Be Reused Over 20-30 Times

Brand :  Clear Brand ,  Private Label , Accept OEM/ODM

Mink    Eyelashes    Instructions

Instruction of Usage: Carefully remove the Private Label Mink Lashes from the case.

Compare Mink lashes with your eye lines and trim to suitable length and width if necessary Apply the glue along the

false eyelashs root with cotton bud .

Hold the mink lashes on the root of your natural lashes with add a bit pressure on it .

Delivery Time: Stock Within 3-5 days after collect money , Bulk order confirm with quantity

Payment: Accept T/T , Western Union, Paypal and Alipay

Shipping :     By air ,  By Express , DHL,Up to you

Our Private Label Mink Lashes adopt the top quality siberian mink fur and thus look much more natural than the common

eyelashes made of other materials. And they are the perfect integration of art

design and luxurious material, suitable for various occasions.

Our 3D mink lashes provide the best animal fur strip lashes to our customer .All animal hair is obtained without harming

animals.This series of products material are 100% mink hair .Our products are strictly sterilized and give you more at ease


Mink   Eyelashes   Transplantation – Key   To   Engaging   Eyes

Mink eyelashes transplantation has emerged as a leading cosmetic requirement for many people across the world. It is very

correctly said that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Appealing eyes tend to grab the attention of people. Proud owner of

beautiful eyes are often considered to have either inherited them or are fortunate enough to be gifted so by the almighty.

This fact, however, does not hold true anymore! Long and striking eyelashes can now be your asset too! The advancement

of science and technology has exhibited revolutionary augmentation in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Many people are unfortunate to have suffered from some kind of injury or trauma resulting in sparse or short Ordinary

Mink Lashes. They often tend to look forward for such an option of eyelash transplantation that helps them regain the long

eyelashes. On the other hand, there are people who have tried their hands on fake eyelashes and are not quite happy with

the results. The influence of the glamour industry and the urge to look beautiful has promoted this technique enormously.

To many of you, it may be surprising to know that Private Label Mink Lashes are one of the major culprits when it comes to

loss or thinness of the naturally occurring eyelashes.


Eyelash   Transplant   Effect

The procedure of eyelash transplantation is quite uncomplicated and interesting. It is analogous to the process of hair

transplantation. The surgeon tends to carefully pick the thin follicles of hair from the rear portion of your own scalp. These

follicles are then transplanted on the area of the eyelash. As the hair has its natural tendency, it grows on the transplanted

area similarly. Sounds simple? Well, you may be able to get long lashes but trimming and maintaining them remains your

duty. Another significant factor is the thin texture of the transplanted hair. However, with lovely curls and some good eye

make up the beauty of the eyelashes can be sustained.

The most intriguing feature is the fact that after the eyelash transplantation you can naturally grow longer eyelashes. Not

only the beauty aspect but also the functional and protection attribute of Ordinary Mink Lashes makes this surgery very

significant. Accentuating the appearance of the face with fake and temporary eyelashes has lost its value when you are

looking forward to something everlasting. It can never offer the precise length and density that enhance the beauty of the

eyes. If you wish to flaunt the longer eyelashes naturally that boosts the attention-grabbing ability of the eyes, then

eyelash transplantation is the ultimate option.

As a conclusion, eyelash transplantation is one way to get longer eyelashes. However, if you don’t want to undergo such a

procedure, you can find alternative ways to get beautiful eyelashes.


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