Makeup 7 tips that make you look thin

Makeup 7 Tips That Make You Look Thin

–With Mink Lashes

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Makeup With Mink Lashes can be a powerful tool in helping you look slim. Just look at any celebrity.

Most do not look like they do on their own. Their makeup,hair,and mink strip lashes really change how their faces look and draw attention to their best features. You can use some of the same tricks and 3d mink eyelashes to make your face appear thinner. Try some of the following techniques next time you apply makeup and watch the magic happen.

I.     Choose The Right Brow Shape 

Your brows can actually play a big part in how slim or heavy your face looks. Your eyebrows should be substantial, but not thick, and have a defined arch in the middle. Arched brows help lift the face and make your face look slimmer. Color in your brows with a shade of makeup slightly darker than your natural brow to help them stand out.

II.     Cover  Eye Circles 

Eye circles can have a weighty effect on how you look. Cover under eye circles with concealer to hide them and blend your  eyelids into the rest of your face. You can also add a white eye shadow or highlighter to the outside and inside corners of your eyes to help them stand out. When your eyes stand out in a good way, rather than stand out because of dark circles, your face automatically looks slimmer.

III.     Experiment With Blush Placement 

Most people should use a blush with a slight brown undertone for best results. Blushes with red undertones can actually make the face look heavier than it is. Apply your blush just under the cheekbone and sweep it from bone to the middle of each ear. Apply lightly, to avoid looking like a clown.

IV.     Play Up Eyes   —  3D Mink Lashes

Makeup 7 tips that make you look thin
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The more you play up your eyes, the slimmer your face will look. It is true, that when the eye is distracted by beautiful eyes,it does not pay attention

to body issues. Use eyeliner and 3D Mink Eyelash Vendors that make your eyes appear larger, and use eye shadow that works well with your skin tone and eye color. Blue eyes look great with gold or pink shadows. Green eyes stand out with copper or plum shades. Brown eyes pop with blue, teal, and


V.     Apply Bronzer Correctly 

One trick to using makeup to look slimmer is to use bronzer correctly to lift weight off of your face. Apply a light layer of bronzer on the jaw line to slightly darken the area. Blend the bronzer into your makeup so you do not look like you are growing a beard. Apply a slightly darker layer of bronzer under your jaw. This will draw the eye away from any weight that you carry under the neck and can actually help you look about 10 pounds lighter.

VI.     Try Highlighter 

Add a touch of light highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, the center of your nose, and your forehead. This will help elongate the face and make your entire body look lifted and lighter.

 VII.     Pink Lips 

Makeup 7 tips that make you look thin
Eyelash Vendors

Dark lips can actually cause you to look heavier. A light pink lip is one of the best colors for making a face look light and lips look full. Nude colors

tend to make the lips look thin. A pink lip color that works with your skin tone is one of the best makeup tools you can have to help you look slim.

If you follow all of these steps, you will create a makeup routine that will leave you feeling confident, slim, and beautiful. In just a few minutes, you can go from looking blah to fabulous with just a few sweeps of a makeup brush.





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