Lashes Sample Pack Order

Lashes Sample Pack Order

How to order eyelash sample:

1:Select the order number, if you like the order 1, $77.50

2:Pay $77.50 to our paypal: 

3:Leave your shipping address and phone number with your full name on PayPal

4:Tell Lissa your order package number

5:Shalimar Lashes will remove the eyelashes and you’ll get a tracking number

Mink Lashes Wholesale WhatsApp:+86 15552226038 to contact Lissa order sample

Get PayPal invoice WhatsApp from beryl online:+86 15552226038

1 Plan: Mixture 16MM & 22MM & 25MM universal sample pack orders:

Total77.50$including 3 pairs 16mm DC & 4 pairs 22mm DN & 3 pairs 25mm DL lash and shipping to USA

2 Plan: Mixture 25MM Strip Lashes sample pack orders: Total75$including 9 pairs DL lash and shipping to USA

3 Plan: Mixture 22MM best-selling sample pack orders: Total ”80$” including 10 pairs DN lash and shipping to USA

4 Plan: Mixture 16MM natural sample pack orders: Total ONLY ”70$” including 10 pairs DC lash and shipping to USA

5 Plan: Total ONLY ”70$” including 8 pairs Popular Mink Lashes and shipping to USA

Detail: DC09-2 Pairs(16mm),  DM02-2Pairs(20mm), DN02-2 Pairs(22mm), DL04-2 Pairs(25mm)

How To Start Your Own Lash Line

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  3. Findling best 3d mink Lash Vendors ,Test our best styles for your brand
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  5. Click here >>>Make Great quality private label glues
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Where can to put order ?

whats app: +86 15552226038



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