How To Wear Shalimar Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

How To Wear Shalimar Wholesale Mink Eyelashes



Wearing false 3D eyelashes may… no, it is definitely a more complicated part of makeup. This is the only task that requires

a high degree of concentration, opportunity and belief throughout the process. I think the use of false eyelashes should be

an extreme sport of the Olympics. However, your favorite YouTuber attributes it to survival skills, and it takes only 3

seconds to apply eyelashes in the tutorial. Crazy! correct?

It takes time to master false eyelashes. Especially when you have just started. Finally, master the use of false eyelashes

through trial and error/patience and practice! But our Shlimar Lashes allows you to master this skill as quickly as possible.

Shlimar eyelashes are perfect eyelashes even at the beginning. Since they are suede, they have a service life of 25+ or

higher and can better shape the shape of the eye after each use.


1. Use the eyelash tweezers to remove the eyelashes from the box. Be sure to pull it out from the inner corner.

2.Measure the length of the eyelashes you need by placing the eyelashes on your eyes.

3. Cut off the excess length from the outer corner of the eyelashes. Because our lashes are very soft and fit very naturally, you don’t need to cut them before putting them on.

4. Use the eyelash curler and apply a thin mascara to make them more natural.

5. Add the selected glue to the eyelashes, making sure to apply more glue to the end of the tape.

6. Now, wait 30-45 seconds.

7. Use the mirror at a lower angle so you can look down and apply the eyelashes from the best angle.

8. Pick up the tweezers and place the eyelashes in the center of the eye. Then use the tweezers to press the remaining eyelashes in the corner.

9. Adjust any unnatural look or space.

Now you are the most beautiful and unbearable amazing beauty!


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