How To Start Your Lash Business Within $100?

How To Start Your Lash Business Within $100?

Now is the age of beauty. Many people have discovered the business opportunities in the Mink Lashes Wholesale and retail industry. More and more customers looking for Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes want to start their own lash line.Whether they are in the beauty industry or beauty lovers, they all have their own customer resources and can be faster, smoother, more successful start your own eyelash business, use your hobbies and spare time to earn more money. This is really a very happy thing.

How to use $100 to start your eyelash business?

First, let me introduce my company first.Shalimar Lashes  is the best producer and wholesaler of Mink Eyelash Vendors in China.
We only produce the highest quality Siberian mink eyelashes, they are cruelty free, handmade, and can be reused more than 25 times.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

How to make more money with the least amount of money

At the same time, we have our own eyelash designer, who will regularly launch the most popular eyelash style according to the needs of customers, and constantly surprise you and your customers so that they can win more customers for you.


 25mm mink lashes strips 

25mm mink lashes wholesale

Lashes Sample Pack Order

WhatsApp:+8615552226038 contact Tina  Ordering sample packs.

Get Paypal invoice from Lissa online WhatsApp:+8615552226038

1 Plan: Mixture 16MM & 22MM & 25MM universal sample pack orders:

Total”72.50$”including 3 pairs DC & 4 pairs DN & 3 pairs DL lash and shipping to USA

25mm mink lashes

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

2 Plan: Mixture 25MM dramatic sample pack orders: Total ”70$” including 9 pairs DL lash and shipping to USA

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

25mm mink lashes wholesale 25mm mink lashe

More Sample Pack u can click here:Lashes Sample Pack Order


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Why Can We Receive Your Eyelash Order Can Be Shipped Immediately?

Your Aesthetic is Different From Your Customers. You Should Choose These Styles!

Attention Please! !!These Eyelash Packaging Are Currently the Best Sellers!

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