How to name your lashes business

How to name your lashes business

If you are starting a lash business, we will help you in finding the best name for it. We have collected a lot of lash business names to inspire your ideas. All the names we have shared can be used anywhere you want.

How to name your lashes business

Now you’ve landed on the No.1 source for finding good lash business names of your choice. Just dig into this list of names below and find your best potential one.

Hunting good business names is the first and vital step in starting a lash business. So, select a name that is professional, simple, and brandable at the same time.

Before choosing and finalizing any name for your lash salon, make sure it’s catchy and attractive. A catchy and attractive name will help you grow your business at a faster speed. Here is what exactly a catchy name is:


Lashes Galore

Lash House

Eyepop Lashes



Eyelash Love

Lash Lovers

Love Your Lashes

Lash Queens

Lash Kings

Color Me Lashed

Fan Your Face

Love Me Lashes

Fab Lash Usa

Lash Gawds

House Of The Fab Lash

Lashes By Lovers

Eye Love

From Lashes With Love

Pretty In Lashes


Sweet Lash Queen

Sweet Lash King

Forgive Me Lash

Butterfly Babes

Simple And Sweet Lashes

Fly Away Lashes

Eye Bling

Bashful Babes

Dramatic Queens Lashes

Dramatic Kings Lashes

Lash Delight

Show Out Lashes


Butterfly Fly Lash

Daring Lash Magic

Winkwink Lashes

Sexy+Sweet Winks

Sugary Sweet Lash Candy

Lash Dolls

Eye Candy Lashes

Sugary Sweet Lashes

Lashes By Babe

Glamour More Lashes

Glampop Lashes

Loved By Lashes

Crown Me Queen Lashes

Runway Ready Lashes

Run Me My Lashwear

Longer Lashes

Lash Extend

Extension Experts

Extended Excellence

All About Lashes

Lash Express

Luxurious Lashes

Lashes Of Luxury

Lash Of Luxury

Longest Lashes

Eyelash Experts

Eyelash Edu

Added Length

Great Lengths

Great Lengths Lashes

Extended Appeal

Glamorous Lashes

Elevated Lashes

Long-Term Lashes

Longer Love

Lash Love

Lovely Lashes

Eyelash Express

Lash Flash

Lash In A Flash

Flashy Lashes

Fast Lash

Eye Contact

In The Eyes

Eye Contact

Loving Lashes

Eyelash Enterprise

Eyelash Expertise

No Better Lashes

Longest Lashes

Lash Goddess

Expedited Eyelashes

Eagle Eyes

Makeup Free Lashes

Go Mascara Free

Mascara-Free Makeover

Lash Makeover

Eyelash Renew

Renewed Lashes

Eye To Eye

Eyelash Land

Eyelash Education

Lucky Lashes

Good Luck Lashes

Lash Queens

How to name your lashes business

Keep it short and simple to make it memorable.

If we look at the most successful businesses throughout the country, we will come to a result that all the businesses are named shortly. All the names are simple and easy to understand. This actually makes them memorable and thus they bring in a lot of traffic.

So, you have to look for a business name that is short and simple. Choosing too many trendy business names can hurt your rating when the trend is over.

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Lash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Finalize your business name.

To finalize your business name you can get feedback on the selected name from your family and friends. Make sure to check the availability of your business name to stay away from any legal consequences.

Note: The lashes business names we have shared are unique. However, some of the names might be taken by people who visited before you. So, make sure to check the name availability.

Good Luck!

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