How to distinguish between synthetic eyelashes and mink eyelashes in 15 ways?

How to distinguish between synthetic eyelashes and mink eyelashes in 15 ways?

With all of the different types of false lashes on the market, it can become a bit overwhelming when trying to narrow down on the differences and which one is right for you. Just what are mink lashes anyway? And how do they compare to synthetic lashes? Luckily for you, we’re going to break it down and explain the main differences between the two most common types of strip false lashes: Synthetic and Mink. We hope this helps you make the right decision to achieve your most beautiful eyes yet!

What are synthetic lashes?

Synthetic lashes are the most common type of false eyelashes, which are made from plastic man-made fibers. The lashes tend to be a lot thicker in comparison to the natural human lash and are meant to be disposed of after a single use.

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What are mink lashes?

So, what are mink lashes made of? They are made from real mink fur hairs, which allows for a light, soft, fluffy and ultimately, more natural look, matching to a similar quality of natural human lashes. Due to the high quality of materials and light weight of the lashes, mink lashes are able to be reused over and over!

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Therefore,how to distinguish which lashes are mink lashes and which lashes are synthetic lashes,below are 15ways help you know the difference cleally:

1.Looking:Mink lashes are more natural,synthetic lashes a little fake.

2.Glossy:Mink lashes have some natual glossy,but synthetic lashes are matte

3.Messy:Mink lashes have the natural messy and fluffy,but synthetic lashes are neat

4.Thickness:Mink hairs tip is thin and soft,but the synthetic hairs from end to tip is the same thickness

5.Softness:Mink lashes hairs are soft and flexible,but synthetic lashes hairs are much harder

6.Weight:Mink lashes hairs are very light weight,but synthetic lashes are heavier than mink lashes.

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7.Comfort:Mink lashes are made with mink hairs,natural,so comfort to apply,but the synthetic fibers are man-made,so harder,so not so comfortable.

8.Durability:Mink lashes can used 25-30times with proper care,but synthetic lashes can only use several times.

9.Waterproof:Mink lashes are water-resistant,when dry the lash curl keeps same,but synthetic lashes curls can not return.

10.Put in hot water:When meet with hot water,the mink lashes easily loose shape,but the synthetic lashes are not easy to deform deformation.

11.Buring:Burn mink hairs has the taste of burning natural hairs and burn after squeezing into powder ,synthetic fibers have a burning plastic smell burning after the pinch is not broken.

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12.Seeing by microscope:Mink lashes hairs have hair scales,but synthetic lashes hairs do not have.

13.Curls keeping:Mink lashes keep curl very long time,Elour mink lashes keep curl more then one year,but synthetic lashes loose shape quickly.

14.Price:Mink lashes price is higher in the market,synthetic lashes is very cheap

15.Packaging:Mink lashes usually use the high quality packaging boxes,but synthetic lashes usually pack with simple boxes.

Now,you will be very easy to know which are mink lashes and which are synthetic lashes.

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