How To Have The Beautiful And Delicate Makeup Of A Doll?

How  To  Have  The  Beautiful  And  Delicate  Makeup  Of  A  Doll

By  Wear  3D  Mink  Lashes

It is a dream for every girl to have a beautiful appearance like a doll, and many people now look more refined through

plastic surgery. Of course, in addition to cosmetic surgery, we can make our face look flawless by means of make-up

3D mink lashes. This make-up that I  brings to you today makes you look beautiful.

STEP1: a soft texture along the painted eyebrows eyebrow, eyebrow color collocation and color as far as possible.

STEP2: the light earth Color Eyeshadow of Yaguang is bottoming in the eye socket.

STEP3: the pale orange eye shadow is dyed in the upper and lower eyelids, and the specific scope refers to the picture.

Brown eye shadow on the eyelid within the lower eyelid to deepen, eyes location.

STEP4: gently pull up the eyelid and draw a slightly elongated inner eyeliner with the root of the 3D mink lashes.

STEP5: the liner began to pull back from the eye head, write to the light, and the eye tail left blank figure circle so much,

will make the eyes look bigger. Eye shadow Eyeliner below with pale mauve brighten.

STEP6: the golden pen silkworm paste enhanced brighten the effect under the eyelids to the eyes of the eye head position.

STEP7: stick to a natural eye tail with a long and warped false eyelash and then brush the mascara to have big eyes like a


STEP8: a large blush brush dipped in a pink blush and stained with the outside of the smile muscle. Dip the pink blush

again and gently press the center of the smile. The multilevel blush is not only natural but also more tender.

STEP9: the coral red liquid Lip Balm smeared the lips, focusing on the lips. With a higher color saturation, the lip glaze is

applied to the whole lip.

The beautiful doll makeup can be made by heart.

How   To   Draw   The   Under   Eyeline?

STEP1, cleaning eyelashes powder

When painted eyelashes and eye shadow will have some residual powder in the eyelashes, in order to keep makeup clean,

first under the eyelashes I paint off with clean eyelash brush.

STEP2, irashes

The lower eyelashes of many people are unsatisfactory, so it is necessary to use the tools of the electric eyelashes, which

are divided into three segments in the middle and back, and ironed respectively.

STEP3, lower eyelid modification

Fill the triangle with coffee – colored eye shadow in the second half of the lower eyelid and enlarge your eyes.

STEP4, drawing Eyeliner

Draw the eye line along the lower eyelash root with a black eyeliner, focusing on the second half of the eye.

STEP5, pruning 3D mink lashes

Before the false eyelashes are attached, the length of the eye is pruned with a scissors.

STEP6, false eyelashes

From the end of eye to eye head position until the eyelashes, eyes immediately appear innocent big eyes outline.

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