Big Mink Eyelashes 25mm

25MM Big Mink Eyelashes

   Siberian Mink Lashes

Now, our 25mm mink eyelashes are very popular on the market. From the beginning, our eyelashes were in short supply,

but there are many products on the market that mimic our style.

So here I want to talk about 2 points:

The First Point:The Production Of  Mink Eyelashes

Our mink eyelashes are becoming more and more popular and the demand is growing. Due to the complexity of the production

process, we did not prepare too much inventory. Some customers now

need to book in advance. Many people don’t understand why our output is so low, so today we have to explain.

Our eyelashes are handmade, and the production process is only a small part of the staff and more complicated.

Therefore, each of our employees can only produce up to 6 pairs of eyelashes per day. Many customers think we are slow,

but we only want to guarantee the quality of the eyelashes.

We can’t send you bad quality eyelashes because we can’t accept poor quality eyelashes, so please understand us, we just

want to provide you and your customers with quality products.

The Second Point: The Price Of Water Eyelashes

Our 25mm siberian mink lashes cost $8. If you order a lot, we will give you a good discount. If someone quotes less than $7 at the beginning, please don’t buy it because we have our own factory.

We are Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes. Our price is already ex-factory price, it will not be lower than this, so if someone tells you the lower price, please do not buy, because their

quality  can not be guaranteed, the style is just imitating.


So, if you want your mink eyelashes to be purchased by more and more customers and make more money, please contact us, don’t hesitate, we are your best choice.



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