Best Lash Glue From Shalimar Lashes

Best Lash Glue From Shalimar Lashes

How To Use False Eyelash Glue? 

False eyelash glue is super useful, especially sticky, it won’t open in one day, and it doesn’t matter if you sweat and swim. So how to use false eyelash glue? False eyelash glue use.

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How To Wse False Eyelash Glue

False eyelash glue must be used to paste false eyelashes. False eyelash glue is mainly used for the bonding of false eyelashes. False eyelash glue is divided into black glue and white glue. Black glue can also be used as an eyeliner. They’re waterproof, latex free, absolutely safe, so eyes are very easy to allergic parts, even sensitive skin, you can rest assured to use our eyelash glue

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False Eyelash Glue Use Method

Apply a little adhesive to the edges of the false eyelashes, because the ends are easy to fall off, the amount should be slightly more, apply a small amount of glue on the eyelash band, the glue will have the strongest adhesion when it is dry, it will take about 6-10 seconds. When the adhesive is quick-drying, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes and gently press the false eyelashes along the roots of the eyelashes.

If the eyelashes of the corner of the eye fall off, this means that if the glue is less, the eyelashes are not pressed. At this time, you can use a toothpick, put a little glue on the corner of the eye, and then carefully hold the eyelashes, and the eyelashes will be fixed after the glue is dry.

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It is worth noting that after the transparent glue and white glue are dry, it is transparent on the skin and will not affect your makeup. However, the black glue is black after it is dried. It can be used along the line. It only needs to fill the remaining eyeliner, so many customers also like black glue.

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How Can We Prove That Shalimar Lashes’s Glue Is The Best Glue For You?

Many customers use hair gel wear false eyelashes. In fact, this is very unsafe and dangerous. Because the eyes are our most vulnerable place, it will be very painful if the adhesive is improperly put into the eyes, because hair gel is usually Irritating taste and chemical composition, it has certain harm to the body
But don’t worry our custom eyelash glue is imported from South Korea, stimulate free, latex free, and we have professional glue safety certification!

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