5 QUICK STEPS TO MEGA GLAM

Your best friend just called: There’s a party tonight and you’re on the guest list. Quick! Time to glam it up! Here’s five easy ways to add some “Wow!” to that pretty face.

1. Add just a bit of shimmer to your lips. Use a shimmery face powder or eyeshadow. Choose a neutral color that flatters your skintone (like champagne for the ivories or gold for the ebonies). Apply your lip color (even just lip balm!) and use your finger to tap a bit of the powder onto the center of your lower lip. It’ll make your lips look plumper and add a lovely shine.

5 QUICK STEPS TO MEGA GLAM2. Try an ombre lip. You’ll need two colors of lipstick in similar shades (for example, a pale pink and a bright pink). Apply the darker shade on the outer corners of your lips, and the lighter shade in the center. Press your lips together to blend the colors. You can also use your finger or a lip brush to gently tap the colors into a seamless blend.

3. Add some sparkle to your eyes. Still have that gorgeous glitter you picked up a while ago? Now’s the time to use it! Mix loose glitter with a few drops of mixing medium (available from several cosmetics companies, including MAC, NYX and even E.L.F.) to create a liquid eyeliner. Use a tiny brush to apply the glitter just above your eyelashes once you’re done with your eyeshadow. This looks great when paired with a dark smokey eye!

5 QUICK STEPS TO MEGA GLAM4. Add a pair of Shalimar Lashes. Even the simplest look can turn super-glam with the addition of some falsies! Full, lush lashes and a neutral lip makes for no-hassle allure. Or try light volume lashes with a ruby-red lip for a classic movie star look.

5 QUICK STEPS TO MEGA GLAM5. When in doubt, wear your favorites! Nothing is sexier than confidence, so pull out the things that make you feel your best. There’s no time like the present to indulge in whatever you love– whether it’s your signature lip color, favorite shoes, or the perfume you only wear for special occasions. Do what you do best: Being yourself! Now go forth, and wow the crowd!

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