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How to Maintain and Clean The Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes?

How to Maintain and Clean The Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes?

This is a question that many beauty may be confused.

Today, we start with how to wear Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes, and let you know How to maintain and clean the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes.

If you want to stick a natural Mink Wholesale Lashes~ Get ready for work = half successful!

First use the eyelash curler to curl your own eyelashes, so that there will be no two layers of flaws in the real eyelashes and Wholesale Mink Lashes.

Put the Wholesale Mink Lashes on your eyes and compare the length. Each person’s eye shape is different, and the Wholesale Mink Eyelashes need to be properly adjusted to trim the most suitable length.

Usually the part of the eyelashes of the Mink Wholesale Lasheswill be longer, cut from the tail end, and the short part of the eye will remain, so that it can look more natural. Pay attention to the two pieces of false eyelashes to be symmetrical.

Then bend the Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashesout of the arc and massage the eyelashes. Make the stalk softer and more natural, and adjust the curvature that fits the eye shape. (If you ordered Shalimar Lashes this step can be omitted because our Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes band are very soft)

3 Steps to Attach Mink Strip Lashes

Step 1:

Apply glue to the lashes,and wait until the glue is half dry, then paste it.This glue is the most viscous.

Shalimar tips: Eyes and tails are the easiest to open, and you can apply a little more in these two positions when applying glue.

Step 2:

When sticking Wholesale Luxury Mink Lashes, first stick the middle part, then adjust the end of the eye and the eye, try to make the Wholesale Mink Eyelash Strips close to the root of the true eyelashes.

After sticking, gently lift the Wholesale Lashes Mink with your fingers to make the Wholesale Strip Lashesnaturally upturned.

Step 3:

After the glue is completely dried, use the eyeliner to fill the gap between the true and false eyelashes, so that the eyelashes can be more naturally blended together, so that there is no dead angle.

The eyes with Wholesale Mink Lash are magnified 10 times! However, in addition to practicing practice, the false eyelashes of “super-real” are also a crucial factor in choosing High Quality Mink Lashes. Because only the quality of the false eyelashes, the curvature of the eyelashes will perfectly fit the eye shape, achieving the invisible effect, and each has a sharpening treatment, which can be closer to the texture of the real eyelashes~

How to maintain and clean the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes?

Today, my old friend Jayla came to ask me about the problem of mink lashes:
Lissa,I was wondering how am I suppose to clean the lashes?
How long is the lash band suppose to last before remixing the glue?

We have to choose high quality Wholesale Mink Lashes, a pair of High Quality Mink Lashes, as long as you learn to maintain it, repeated use 25 times no problem! First of all, we have to unload the used Mink Strip Lashes~

Step 1:

First use the small tweezers to gently pull up the residual glue on the eyelashes, and don’t deform the eyelashes~

Step 2:

Wipe with a cotton swab moistened with eye and lip makeup remover and remove the mascara from above.

After cleaning, is the false eyelash the same as the brand new one? ~ It is wise to choose good quality false eyelashes, because Shalimar Wholesale Mink Eyelashes are not disposable products, only good false eyelashes can give you perfect electric eyes!

Cleaning And Maintenance Use Process Instructions

1, soaking time at least 1 hours, the longer the soaking time is easier to clean, but also less prone to damage mink eyelashes;

2, the whole cleaning process should absolutely do not stick to water, especially the mink eyelashes of real hair;

3, be sure to use paper towels to wipe the makeup remover clean, so that it will not affect the next use.

If you have any questions about false eyelashes, please feel free to leave a messageor contact me on WhatsApp +8615552226038, I will also write a blog for your question.♥♥


Do you know How to Start Your Own Mink Lash Company?

How to Start Your Own Mink Lash Company?

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Which Is The Best Glue For Eyelashes?

Which Is The Best Glue For Eyelashes?

Which Is The Best Glue For Eyelashes?

Shalimar Lashes Brush On Lash Glue

Wholesale Mink Lashes are a great way to accentuate your eyes and frame the face. The right Wholesale Mink Eyelashes are essential. Wholesale Natural Mink Eyelashes that are the perfect length and shape for your eyes and individual style are a beautiful way to get lush, Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes.

Choosing The Right Eyelash Glues

Which Is The Best Glue For Eyelashes?While lashes are important, another just as important factor is the Eyelash Glues you use. Too often people end up using the wrong Eyelash Glues and then wonder why their Mink Strip Lashes don’t look good. Or they use an adhesive they are sensitive to!

Should You Use Clear Or Dark Eyelash Glue?

It depends on the look you are going for. If you are using no eye shadow, or light colors, and especially if you aren’t using black Wholesale Mink Strip Lashes — you don’t want to use the black eyelash adhesive. It will look harsh and possibly messy.

Which Is The Best Glue For Eyelashes?If you are seeking a more natural look, adhesive that goes on white but dries clear is easy to use and doesn’t distract from the look of the lashes.

However, if you are going with a more dramatic look, black adhesive is ideal.

Can I use Shalimar’s Glue for eyelashes?

Which Is The Best Glue For Eyelashes?What If You Have A Sensitivity To Eyelash Adhesive?

The good news is there are non-latex Shalimar’s that work just as well and won’t irritate your eyes.

Overall, the best bet is a clear, high quality lash glue that lasts, doesn’t irritate and is easy to remove. It should be perfect no matter what style lashes you use and it should look good whether you are going all out or having a minimal makeup day.

Shalimar Lashes has created the ideal versatile adhesive with our Shalimar Brush-On Lash Glue. Check it out today, and while you’re at it, have a look at our latest Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes styles.


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How To Rock Wholesale Mink Lashes On Your Wedding Day