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Our Packaging Custom LOGO With A Minimum Order Quantity of Super Low

Our Packaging Custom LOGO With A Minimum Order Quantity of Super Low

Eyelash Packaging Boxes With Custom Privite Label

Our the most cost-effective eyelash packaging cases have three styles,you can choice the case different thrust paper color, and we can provide private label for you, make your logo and brand name minimized Scale down,put it into the eyelight catching position, so the case is clear, easy to looking into, warmly welcomed by the customers.

1. Eyelash clear case with private label:

eyelash packaging wholesale
eyelash packaging wholesale


2. Eyelash rectangle clear case can with private label:

Customized Luxury Eyelash packaging Boxes

There are 42 styles Luxury eyelash packaging boxes with perfect quality!

Can with your logo or brand name, finish production within Very short time!

The 42 styles eyelash packaging boxes With A Minimum Order Quantity of Super Low !!!

Please remember that the best products also need good packaging!

We can realize your dream of starting the lash line yourself, if you want to make more money, do a bigger business from now on !


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