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Apply 3d Mink Lashes Can Increase The Charm Of Both Eyes

Apply 3d Mink Lashes Can Increase The Charm Of Both Eyes

However, when facing 3d mink lashes paste skills, who can really be flexible! Combined with the new trend of eye makeup season, tell you how to paste the most refined feeling!

STEP1.Bend the 3d 18MM mink lashes softly to make it softer

Gently hold both ends of the eyelashes with your fingers and bend gently to the middle. After bending several times, the connecting stem of the 3d mink lashes will become soft which makes it easier to stick

STEP2.It need be thin when applying the adhesive directly

Before applying the adhesive, you need to measure the length of the eye.If it is too long, then trim 3d mink lashes. Eyelashes connecting stem is very thin with adhesive forceps sandwiched which 3d mink lashes carefully coated, be careful to be uniform.

STEP3.Blow gently so that the adhesive is semi-dry

Fully wet adhesives stick to the eyes maybe is not firm, semi-dry paste condition of 3d mink lashes is the best time to paste firmly.

STEP4.See down when pasting 3d 25MM mink lashes

Confirm the distance from the eye to the end of the eye when looking down, the 3d mink lashes on the edge of the eyelashes aligned on the position, and then gently press the 3d mink lashes paste firmly.

STEP5.Use tweezers to press and paste the 3d 20MM mink lashes

Hold the eye down, hold the 3d mink lashes with tweezers and press for a few seconds, pressing down to the eyelashes at the end of the eye, and then greatly open your eyes and rely on the squeezing force of the eyelids to make 3d mink lashes firmer.

STEP6.Use your finger to make the final press on the belly

On the site of 3d mink lashes pasting , the temperature of the fingers can promote the adhesive more docile.

STEP7.Make eyelashes more curler with electric eyelash curler

Use a heated eyelash curler to push the eyelashes up from the root and, if necessary, with the index finger of the other hand to press the area where the eyelashes are affixed so that neither the 3d mink lashes nor the upper eyelids are pushed.

STEP8.Use an eyeliner to cover the area to be pasted

Use black eyeliner to draw the connection of 3d mink lashes, so as to complete the natural sense of 3d mink lashes paste step.

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How To Start Eyelash BusinessTo Make Money?

How To Start Eyelash BusinessTo Make Money?

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How To Maintain Your False Eyelash?

How To Maintain Your False Eyelash?

3D Mink lashes are definitely the best way to take any look to the next level, and once you’ve picked out your perfect pair, you need to know how to wear the mink lashes, and care for mink lashes ! Beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill believes, “If you take care of your minks, they’ll out last their recommended 25 uses, and go for at least 30 to 35 uses.”

How To Apply, And How To Care For Your Mink Lashes

Before you wear your mink lashes you want to make sure they fit. If you apply the Wholesale 3D Mink Strip without trimming it to fit your eye, they will most likely be too long which will make them uncomfortable. Jaclyn recommends using a swivel mirror on the magnified side. You want to be looking down, basically the mirror should be looking up your nose. It’s not the most flattering angle, but this awkward angle will give you the best view to apply your lashes. Also take note which lash is designed for your right eye, and which is designed for the left eye.

Remove the lash from the case carefully with tweezers from the outer edge, and fit them to your lash-line. Lay the lash gently over your natural lash to measure your lash-line. Look in the mirror to determine how much excess you’ll need to trim. Be careful not to trim too much, and only trim from the outer edge. Once you have your lash perfectly sized, it’s time to apply them.

Start with eyeliner and a thin but thorough coat of mascara to your natural lash. You only need mascara on your natural lash to help the naturals and minks blend. For example, if you’re blonde and you put on mink lashes without applying mascara first, you’ll see blonde and black lashes, and they won’t look natural. Let the mascara dry for at least a minute.

Apply a thin line of  Brush-On Lash Glue to the mink lash, and wait for at least 30 to 60 seconds before you carefully set the lash on-top of your natural lash. Once you’ve set the lash on your lash-line push them into the corners of your eyes, then squeeze the naturals and minks together with your tweezers. The mink lashes already have that rich color you’re looking for, therefore, they don’t need another coat of mascara once they’re adhered.

Always remember to keep extra makeup off of the lashes, only trim them from the outer edges, and let your glue get tacky before applying your gorgeous new mink lashes!



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How to Maintain Your Wholesale Mink Lashes?

How To Maintain Your Wholesale Mink Lashes?

Hi everybody, here is Shalimar lashes. Today we are going to talk about how to keep your 3d Mink Lashes.

Although the Wholesale Mink Lashes are slender and exquisite, they are also very fragile, so it should be especially careful when we are using them. When mink lashes was removed from the box, do not pinch and pull its side hard, we need to follow the direction of the eyelashes, mink lashes should be gently removed with the finger, and then pinch the false eyelashes in the proper way?

” Swoop “pull down at once, the action should be simply sharp, do not pull two or three hairs down.” Used Wholesale Mink Eyelashes to completely remove the above adhesive glue, neatly put into the box.

Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder, eyelash oil to false eyelashes and so on, otherwise it will get dirty, and will destroy the false eyelashes.

Cleaning And Maintenance Use Process Instructions

1, soaking time at least 1 hours, the longer the soaking time is easier to clean, but also less prone to damage wholesale 3d mink lashes;

2, the whole cleaning process should absolutely do not stick to water, especially the mink eyelashes of real hair;

3, be sure to use paper towels to wipe the makeup remover clean, so that it will not affect the next use.

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