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What’s The Real Difference Between Mink Lashes, Silk Lashes?


Lash  Extension?

Type   Of   False   Eyelashes

If you’re like me, having mink lashes extensions connect you with “Flawless” on a personal level. You savour your extra ten

minutes of sleep in the morning, rock the no-makeup look with confidence, and know that though lash extensions do not

make the man, they do make you feel like a bit of a bombshell. But if you’re like me you’ve never thought twice about what

your lash extensions are made of.

Silk, faux mink, and real fur lash extensions are the most prevalent in the lash industry today, and differ from one another

in texture, appearance, and weight. Understanding the variations between lash types and knowing what type of lash

extension best suits your needs will not only make you an informed and responsible consumer, it’ll help you and your lash

artist design the lash set you need to wake up every day looking and feeling flawless.


Surprisingly, most mink lashes aren’t made of mink, but of a synthetic material called PBT (or Polybutylene terephthalate).

PBT is a polyester product, used in the production of swim and athletic wear, toothbrushes, and—of course—lash


3D    Mink    Lashes

Mink lash PRO (faux) mink lashes are known for their natural, semi-matte appearance that resembles the look of natural

lashes, and remarkably lightweight body. Mink lashes are modelled after real mink fur, so they’re the thinnest type of

synthetic extension available. As a result, they’re often used in volume sets. Most of the extension body is tapered, so each

lash weighs up to 30% less than a silk lash. Sought out for their incredibly natural look, mink lashes are ideal for those

looking for extremely natural lash sets, people who have very fine natural lashes, and for traditional volume and mega-

volume sets.


Silk lashes, like mink lashes, are made of a PBT material. What separates silk from mink lashes, however, is not their material, but their

weight, finish, and overall shape.

Silk lashes have a much shorter taper than mink lashes—meaning the body of the lash stays thicker for longer—as well as a

luxurious semi-gloss appearance. Because silk lashes have a thick, full body, they work best in dramatic lash sets, and are

the most common lash type used in classic sets (traditional lash sets with one lash extension per eyelash). If you’ve ever

had classic lashes, chances are you’ve had silk lashes.


While most of the lash extensions used in the industry are made of PBT, some luxury mink lashes providers offer extensions

made of real mink fur. Because these lashes are made of real fur, they’re arguably the softest, and most natural-looking

extensions you can get. Mink Lashes is velvety soft, and tapers into a long, slim, and incredibly fluffy lash. Because real

mink lashes obtain their curl through perming (before they’re applied), they relax as time goes on, and will likely require

extra curling at home.

Real mink lashes extensions are more of a luxury service, and are not offered by all lash artists. They’ll also cost you much

more than a synthetic lash set, and be warned! If you have animal allergies, these lashes may not be for you.


Flat lashes are the newbies to the lash market, and so are not often talked about in the synthetic vs. real debate. Like other

synthetic lashes, flat lashes are made from PBT, however, their unique flat base sets them apart from any other lash type.

Most lash extensions have a circular base, but flat lashes, as the name suggests, have a flat base. This gives flat lashes a

much thicker appearance than silk or mink, and offers the most dramatic lash look of any Mink lash extension.

Because of their shape, flat lashes cannot be used in volume sets. However, they can be added into hybrid sets

(lash sets made with a mixture of volume fans and individual lash extensions) to create a textured lash look that’s

fluffy and dramatic.


When thinking about what you’d like to get out of your lash set, speak with your artist about which type of lash extension is

best for you. Not only will your synthetic and natural lashes impress her, you’ll know exactly what she’s saying when she

recommends a blend of silk and flat classic lashes and why.

For more lash extension tips, try Can you apply strip lashes over lash extensions?



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How To Paste Fake Eyelashes Conspicuous Big?

How  To  Paste  Fake  Eyelashes  Manufacturer  Conspicuous  Big?

False Eyelashes Manufacturer can make the eyes bigger and more charming, compared to exaggerated false eyelash, many

people want to know how to paste false eyelashes it is natural. This issue I will bring you a detailed paste of false

eyelashes, as long as the eight steps, you can make real peace, so false eyelashes and real eyelashes blend.

How   To   Paste   Fake   Eyelashes

STEP 1. Remove a set of eyelashes with tweezers and be careful not to distort the lashes. Tear off the root of the false

lashes glue, because there will be a residual glue, false eyelashes will affect the degree of adhesion. In addition, if the false

eyelashes curl enough, you can brush a layer of mascara.

STEP 2. Adjust the shape of the false Eyelashes Manufacturer, you can seize the head and tail slightly curved a few times to

make eyelash terrier more soft, and make the eyelash terrier curvature of the eye to adapt to the curvature of the eye.

STEP 3. put the false eyelashes on the eyes than the length of the pair, trimmed to the length of their own eyes.

This   Product   Is   Recommended   3D   Mink   Hair   Series   False   Eyelash

Recommended reason: Mink hair series False eyelashes: fine structure, effectively enhance the eyelash thick, short length

is very suitable for everyday makeup

STEP 4. Apply glue, glue should be applied evenly, not too much or too little. After applying glue, wait a little dry glue to


STEP 5 Use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes according to the middle, tail, and eyes in

the order of pasting. Note that the false eyelashes should be attached to the real eyelashes on the side, to ensure close. If

you think this sticky too difficult, you can cut the false eyelashes into 3 sections, and then paste into the eye end of the

paragraph, eyes, eyes.

STEP 6. After sticking the Mink Lashes, use tweezers to gently press to ensure that the Mink Lashes adhere firmly.

STEP 7. I thought I got a good fake eyelashes on it, of course not, we have to make Mink Lashes Manufacturer become

natural. First use eyeliner pen remover eyeliner to cover up the traces of Mink Lashes.

STEP 8. Mascara brushing the upper and lower eyelashes, can make true and Mink Lashes glued together to increase the

sense of curling. If the eyelashes is not enough Alice can use eyelash curler again light eyelashes. Finally gently brush off

the excess fiber drop, Mink Lashes to wear to complete.

You   Have   To   Try   The   Eyelash   Enhancer

Would you believe that you can grow your own eyelashes to be thicker, longer, and darker in just a matter of a few weeks?

If you could do this and they were beautiful, would you use curlers, false eyelashes on them ever again? Well with the use

of a product called an eyelash enhancer you can grow them to be the most beautiful natural eyelashes you have ever had.

Cosmetic science has created an all natural product that is clinically tested and proven to cause eyelash growth in a few

weeks. Your eyelashes will increase in density, increase in length, increase in thickness, and they will be darker. One brand

is tested and proven to increase eyelash density by 82% in 4 weeks.

That is correct the results are that fast, just 2-4 weeks. Plenty of users see the results in 2 weeks. And to have them increase

in density by 82% in just 4 weeks is wonderful. You will never need to use products like eyelash extensions or false

eyelashes any longer.

You also will not be using as much mascara, if you have to use it at all because your Eyelashes Manufacturer will become

darker as they get thicker. When you use things like curlers, mascara, and Mink Lashes, your natural eyelashes tend to

get damaged. When you have natural eyelashes that do not need any treatment they will be healthier. When your

eyelashes become healthier, they will become less brittle as they become stronger.

An all natural product, the #1 brand today treats your eyelashes with moisturizers and minerals. This conditions the hairs

of your eyelashes and promotes growth.

You only need to treat your eyelashes once per day with the product, you do this at night before bed. The product is safe

for use if you wear eyelash extensions. After you begin the treatment and do it each day, you will see the 2-4 week results

as mentioned.

You can today have short, brittle, thinned out eyelashes and in 4 weeks time have 3d mink lashes of stunning beauty. They

are simple to use, safe, effective, and priced very well.



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How To Have The Beautiful And Delicate Makeup Of A Doll?

How  To  Have  The  Beautiful  And  Delicate  Makeup  Of  A  Doll

By  Wear  3D  Mink  Lashes

It is a dream for every girl to have a beautiful appearance like a doll, and many people now look more refined through

plastic surgery. Of course, in addition to cosmetic surgery, we can make our face look flawless by means of make-up

3D mink lashes. This make-up that I  brings to you today makes you look beautiful.

STEP1: a soft texture along the painted eyebrows eyebrow, eyebrow color collocation and color as far as possible.

STEP2: the light earth Color Eyeshadow of Yaguang is bottoming in the eye socket.

STEP3: the pale orange eye shadow is dyed in the upper and lower eyelids, and the specific scope refers to the picture.

Brown eye shadow on the eyelid within the lower eyelid to deepen, eyes location.

STEP4: gently pull up the eyelid and draw a slightly elongated inner eyeliner with the root of the 3D mink lashes.

STEP5: the liner began to pull back from the eye head, write to the light, and the eye tail left blank figure circle so much,

will make the eyes look bigger. Eye shadow Eyeliner below with pale mauve brighten.

STEP6: the golden pen silkworm paste enhanced brighten the effect under the eyelids to the eyes of the eye head position.

STEP7: stick to a natural eye tail with a long and warped false eyelash and then brush the mascara to have big eyes like a


STEP8: a large blush brush dipped in a pink blush and stained with the outside of the smile muscle. Dip the pink blush

again and gently press the center of the smile. The multilevel blush is not only natural but also more tender.

STEP9: the coral red liquid Lip Balm smeared the lips, focusing on the lips. With a higher color saturation, the lip glaze is

applied to the whole lip.

The beautiful doll makeup can be made by heart.

How   To   Draw   The   Under   Eyeline?

STEP1, cleaning eyelashes powder

When painted eyelashes and eye shadow will have some residual powder in the eyelashes, in order to keep makeup clean,

first under the eyelashes I paint off with clean eyelash brush.

STEP2, irashes

The lower eyelashes of many people are unsatisfactory, so it is necessary to use the tools of the electric eyelashes, which

are divided into three segments in the middle and back, and ironed respectively.

STEP3, lower eyelid modification

Fill the triangle with coffee – colored eye shadow in the second half of the lower eyelid and enlarge your eyes.

STEP4, drawing Eyeliner

Draw the eye line along the lower eyelash root with a black eyeliner, focusing on the second half of the eye.

STEP5, pruning 3D mink lashes

Before the false eyelashes are attached, the length of the eye is pruned with a scissors.

STEP6, false eyelashes

From the end of eye to eye head position until the eyelashes, eyes immediately appear innocent big eyes outline.

Unbelievable   Eyelashes   Growth   In   4   Weeks – Stunning

To be able to grow eyelashes in just a few weeks that were longer, thicker, and darker would be wonderful. Eyelash curlers,

false eyelashes and any other treatments would be history. With an eyelash enhancer you can make your own history, it

will give you the longest, thickest, darkest eyelashes you have ever had naturally.

This latest innovation in cosmetic science has been clinically tested to verify the claim of wholesale mink eyelash factory

growth in weeks. The tests do show that not only do the eyelashes grow with product use, they also become darker and denser. In fact the data proved that an 82% increase in density is possible in 2-4 weeks.
Yes that is true, you will see results in just 2-4 weeks. You will probably like most women start to see growth in 2 weeks. With the 82% increase in density that is possible in 4 weeks, your eyelash will naturally look stunning. With a density like that there would be no need to use false eyelashes or extensions again.
The eyelash will get thicker and darker therefore you will ill be using very little, if any at all, mascara. Mascara, curlers and false eyelash can cause damage to your natural eyelash.
By eliminating the damage causing treatments, your eyelash will become healthier. They will increase in strength from the natural growth, becoming less brittle.
The #1 brand available today, Idol Lash, is an all natural product. It is the least irritating and purest eyelash conditioner available today.
There is only one application required per day, this at night at bedtime with your makeup removed. If you are using eyelash extensions you can still use Idol Lash with them in place. In 2-4 weeks by following this simple process, eyelash growth will be visible.
Even if you have very short, very brittle eyelashes currently, Idol Lash or any other leading eyelash enhancer will work wonders. Try one for yourself and see, you will soon see how beautiful your natural eyelashes can be on their own.

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Different Make-up Different Method Of Pasting Eyelashes

Different Make-up Different Method Of Pasting False Eyelashes

If you want to use false eyelashes in different makeup to create different makeup Let’s take a look at the superposition method below

1.With a whole silk eyelash with a half false eyelash, it can also make the eyes look very spiritual and have more lashes

2.The method of sticking is the same as that of the ordinary false eyelashes. The position of half false eyelashes should be based on the tail end. If only half a pair of mink false lashes, the front end will produce empty feeling, So you must apply the mascara first.

3.When the glue is dry, use a clip to clamp your eyelashes together with the root of the false eyelash, and then pull it down slightly to make the gap smaller.

4.When are almost completely dry, use the eyelash clip to clamp the true and false eyelashes.

5.Then a hand slightly open the eyelid, with a black eye liquid to fill the blank space, and then close the eyes, the eyelid part of the white also fill.

6.It is recommended to use mascara in the makeup that needs to be put on false eyelashes. It will make the eyelashes look more plentiful, and the mascara looks slightly closer to real eyelashes.

If this is done, it can also .But there’s a better way to do it.

After the mascara is cleaned in the mouth of the bottle, the mascara is gently applied to the false eyelashes 45 degrees.

After many times brush the mascara, can brush a little thicker

Finally, for the commonly used cross – shaped false eyelashes,

What can be done to look more natural

This type of false eyelash is very popular. But it’s not really natural. The Cross end cross makes it look a little burdens.

How to sort this type of eyelash?

One hand can hold the front and the other hand holds the back part to pull out slightly to make the eyelashes more smooth. It’s repeated a few times.

Then the false eyelashes are pulled into a semicircle. A reticulate false eyelash will look softer.

But when pulling the eyelashes, the strength should be moderate, and be careful not to break the structure of the false


Grow Longer Eyelashes – Ways To Achieve This And Look Great

If you are among the large percentage of women who desire to grow longer eyelashes and make lashes look thicker in order to look great, you are lucky because technology offers you a variety of solutions for this concern. There are several alternatives towards achieving longer and thicker eyelashes. One of these alternatives is the use of mascara.

Theapplication of mascara to your eyelashes can make them look thicker, longer and darker which help in enhancing your overall physical appeal. Applying this only requires a small brush and when the application is done, you will be able to see an illusion of thicker and longer lashes. However, this product is also considered imperfect.

There are those types of this product that cause smears on your eyelids once your eyes come in contact with water. Because of this problem, some manufacturers created mascaras that are considered waterproof. This way smears on eyelids may be prevented once the mascara is used.

Another alternative that will help you grow longer eyelashes is through the application of false lashes or extensions. These false eyelashes actually come in wide variations. You may choose to purchase single lashes or that full set. The single lash is that which is glued in the upper and lower portion of your eyelids for the purpose of filling in those thinned lashes.

Doing this will give your lashes a thicker and longer appearance. When it comes to the cost, these false lashes are considered to be inexpensive. It is because these are not meant to be reused. These are also known to come in a variety of styles and looks. You will be given the choice as to what specific style you would want to use.

However, the common complaints about this are that the process takes up too much time and is difficult to do.

Eyelash enhancers are also proven to help people grow longer eyelashes. Some of these products are clinically proven and tested to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes in just a few weeks. Just by brushing these eyelash enhancers or conditioner onto your eyelashes will deliver the kind of conditioning that helps in their fast growth. These are also known to reinforce the strength of your eyelashes producing lashes that are less prone to breakage.


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