To Be a Eyelashes Supplier of Self-owned Brand

Let’s Start Your Own Mink Eyelashes Business!

SHALIMAR LASHES is the Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes Manufacturer. For the rapid delivery, quality products and considerate service, we won much trust and support of thousands mink eyelashes entrepreneurs and has become a mink fur supplier known in America even the world. We will design new products with new ideas consistently to grow our customer scale!

In the past few years, lots of our customers have consulted us about the improvement of the quality of our products and demanded us to design new styles of our mink lashes consistently. Even there were customers who urged strongly to develop our mink eyelashes into the most quality eyelashes products in market so that they will be more competitive than others and become unbeatable in marketplace.

You know not all mink eyelashes bear the same quality. Therefore we are making our efforts to produce the mink lashes which look much better than any other wholesale mink eyelashes in market. If you read the following parts you will know what we devoted to.

More than 5 years manufacture experiences and professional service team, Our aim is to supply best eyelashes and service in the world! We started to produce mink lashes 5 years ago. At the beginning, every time we made about 100 pairs of 3D mink lashes we would deliver them to our workers, friends and customers for free and collected their usage feelings. Every time we asked a series of questions like what do you thought of these lashes? Were they comfortable? Did you feel natural or suitable when you look at mirror? Were they soft? And every experiencer would write a report to express all their feelings so that we can improve our products step by step.

We have our own factory.We are the best supplier of mink strip eyelashes.Through hundreds of experience and hundreds of attempts by ourselves, we finally made the mink eyelashes matching our eyes perfectly. This is the fruit of many people. We also did some surveys including questions like “what do you think of the eyelashes?”,”will you introduce the lashes to your friends or families?” and so on. We won’t sell our eyelashes until the customer satisfaction reaches 90%. Therefore, we were looking forwards eagerly to the feedback of our experiencers and customers so that we could adjust our products slightly every time and two years later we had made our lashes the best! We can claim that we made it.

To be honest, purchasing a pair of mink lashes is not a big deal, what difficult is how to chose pair of suitable eyelashes with high quality at the same time. It plays an important role for your eyes and mental health. For the businessmen who want to purchase wholesale mink eyelashes, it is not difficult to buy them but what really counts is how to find a quality supplier to provide you with quality mink eyelashes. If you are used to purchasing some cheap lashes but with poor quality, you may sells easily but your customer service may be very hard to do. Your customers may return the goods and definitely you will lose many customers as well as your confidence. Please remember if you always develop new customers but ignore old customers, you won’t be successful!

Why that the business of some entrepreneurs thrived while some withered? And why people didn’t get the same result with the same efforts? Please allow us to answer. That’s because you chose the wrong products which caused your failure no matter how much effort you made. Lashes are the brand-oriented products all the time. All customers want to customize their own boxes with their specific logos. But how can we develop a brand with products of poor quality? Once the quality can’t be guaranteed your customers won’t purchase from you for twice or introduce your products to others even if you have many customers.

Instead, if you don’t have so many customers to begin with but you sell lashes of good quality, you sell them to one customer, then this one customer will purchase again and he/she may introduce new customers to you. In this way, it is easy for the entrepreneurs to start their business. This is the beginning of viral marketing which really needs a quality product because nobody can build a good brand without good products.

If you really want to develop you self-owned brand eyelashes, you must choose the quality mink fur. If you just tend to purchase some cheap lashes and want to build your own business at the same time, I suggest you not to waste your time because you will 99% fail! And if you stick to those cheap but poor-quality lashes you will end up wasting your money and time. This is the most sincere suggestion of us because those things happened numerously to our customers. Therefore, we hope you have made full preparation and consideration before you start your wholesale mink business including doing market surveys, studying the products experiencing the products.

Why can’t you purchase cheap lashes products (products of poor quality)?

  1. The quality of the lashes sample you buy for the first time may be different from the lashes you buy later!
  2. The style of the lashes sample you buy may differ greatly from the lashes you buy later!
  3. The strips of those cheap lashes you buy are hard which make your customers feel an iron wire on their eyes. For this reason they won’t purchase from you anymore.
  4. The lashes you buy may be asymmetrical. Because of the low price, you supplier will not pick the defective lashes out and mix them with good lashes to sell you!
  5. The hair top and hair root of the lashes you buy doesn’t match showing no aesthetics.
  6. The hair of the cheap lashes you buy may drop more or less because their suppliers use terrible and cheap glue.
  7. The lashes you buy smell like chemical products. This smell is the odor of hair-waving agent which causes cancer!
  8. The lashes you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machine so that they can produce over 100 pairs a day. But our lashes are made completely manually so consequently we can only produce 10 pairs per day. As both are produced in one day, what do you think of the difference between the 100 pairs and the 10 pairs?

We can guarantee that the defects above will never happen to our products because we have spent two years fixing those problems one by one. Therefore, our cost is deservedly several times more than the lashes of poor quality.

Let me introduce 3D mink lashes. What’s 3D mink lashes?

Compared with other kinds of lashes, 3D mink lashes are made completely manually and are made of the fur which minks shed naturally (which is cruelty-free). It looks really decent wearing this purely-natural black protein (the fur). At the same time the curl degree of each mink fur is different thus they appear 3D effect and that’s why we called them 3D mink lashes. This kind of lashes is the best lashes at present as well as the most expensive one.



The 3D mink lashes we made vary from 4 to 8 layers which looks denser and fuller and appear stronger 3D effect than others. If the customers take to our lashes at the first sight they will can’t help wearing them immediately. We have many kinds of 3D mink lashes and different kinds have different effects. Some are natural while some are addictive. Once you compare our lashes with other cheap lashes, I don’t believe you will wear the cheaper and worse lashes anymore. And do not tell me that the cheaper eyelashes also have their market because the market is always transferring. Isn’t it too late to apply to high-end eyelashes when all customers have finished their transformations?


We have over 100 styles of mink eyelashes and we are still working on developing new styles. The styles of our lashes develop from being natural to being open even to being dramatic now. Recently we have developed 10 styles of lashes in large size which is 25mm and they are super popular in market! If you are looking for some more dramatic eyelashes I believe you will fall in love with our new large-sized eyelashes. It looks really full. As your supplier, we eager to give you more choices to enable you to create a new style of eyes for your customers! Different styles will make you look new everyday.

Our lashes are so durable. Therefore, each pair is suggested to wear 20-25 times. If the lashes are polluted we can wash them in water and dry them by our hair drier. The 3D effect will be perfect still!

Let’s start your self-owned brand of 3D mink lashes!

We have our own design team in our factory. It will be more convenient for you to purchase 3D mink lashes directly from us! And we can customize your own eyelashes which means the lashes you possess are exclusive!

The retail price of 3D mink lashes is $20-$30 per pair normally which guarantees our customers big profit (4-5 times profits). Meanwhile we offer the shipping solutions to our customers on our retail website.

If you are doing business of wigs we intensely recommend you to add our 3D mink lashes into your selling plan because it can bring you a great amount of wig customers for its popularity now.

What counts is we can provide our package for you to print your logo on when you want to customizing your own packaging which enable you to build your own brand of 3D mink lashes. And we can start to make your packaging with your logo for only 50 pieces. It is completely a small MOQ for you indeed. While a transparent plastic box with a simple label is not recommended because it looks very low-end and your customers will not take it for granted that your eyelashes deserve $20-$30 per pair. Please keep it in mind that no matter how perfect your products are, the packaging always plays an important role in sell!

We also provide the service for building your website.

If you want a wonderful website to display your eyelashes and gain lots of traffic and orders you can contact us. And if you plan to build a delicate website of 3D mink lashes you can contact us. We charge $699 per year and we will show you the effect. If you are satisfied with it you can pay.

If you purchase our website service, our designer will customize for you. We will prepare the delicate pictures of products well and upload to the website. We just need you to offer your logo, information, contact number and the content of each page. Within 3 days, you will possess your own website and we will give you the logging information a so that you can operate the website and take the orders by yourself. The operation will so easy. As long as you can use your Facebook to send dynamic messages then you are capable of taking the orders and delivering goods on this website.

We provide professional one-stop service for doing business of 3D mink eyelashes to make your business grow bigger and bigger!